Brain Health with Precision Music™

Transforming Brain Health with Precision Music™

Empowering Wellbeing With Precision Music™

Supporting brain health and wellbeing through innovative, music-based solutions

Music Health powers and develops AI-driven music experiences that support better health and wellbeing

Precision Music® technology

Precision Music®

Harnesses AI to understand your unique background and emotional needs, Precision Music™ pairs you with the right music to enhance your well-being

Precision Music™ leverages AI technology to craft music-based experiences meticulously tailored to individual needs. By analyzing user-specific data, it adapts music selections based on their VibeDNA® to target particular neurological or mental states. This personalized approach maximizes the therapeutic impact of music, making it a powerful tool to support mental and emotional wellness

Responsive Well-being Tuning

Responsive Tuning

Monitor your emotional balance through real-time biometric feedback to facilitate music at the right moment

Our technology integrates with biometric sensors and devices to continuously monitor emotional states, offering real-time auditory interventions that help maintain or restore mental equilibrium. This responsive tuning mechanism acts swiftly to proactively support shifts in mood, facilitating a balanced emotional state through adaptive music interventions.

Accessible Brain Stimulation

Cognitive Harmony

Heightening the stimulatory power of music through a user-friendly interface to better manage your own brain health

Employing the innate stimulatory powers of music, Music Health’s Precision Music™ engages and stimulates the brain in unique ways that promote cognitive and emotional self-regulation. Through a user-friendly interface, users can effortlessly engage with music that not only entertains but also activates specific brain pathways to enhance mood and mental clarity. This approach puts the power in the hands of the user to better manage their wellbeing.

As seen

As seen

Imagine having the ability to tune into your wellbeing, effortlessly recognize when you're off balance, and seamlessly adjust your mood with just a simple push of a button. That's the profound power of the right music at the right time, delivering one of nature's most powerful brain stimulants directly to your fingertips. Experience the transformative impact of AI-driven music-based experiences, all powered by our cutting-edge Precision Music® technology.

What we do

Powered by Precision Music™

Life-Enhancing Music Experiences Powered by Precision Music®


An easy-to-use app that harnesses the power of music to support dementia caregivers in their daily routines. Enhance caregiving moments and improve the quality of life for both caregivers and their loved ones. Learn more

Experience a revolutionary app designed to support women through every trimester of pregnancy with the power of music. Enhance bonding, manage pain, uplift your mood, and foster early interactions with your baby through this innovative, music-based solution. In Stealth

MirrorBox by Sennheiser


Exclusively at Vivid Australia in 2024. Ever wondered what makes your music preferences tick? 

Why do some tunes lift your spirits, while others perfectly help you relax?Discover your VibeDNA® at this years Vivid Australia. Learn more

Coming soon


Sennheiser's MirrorBox at Vivid Sydney

Transform your workouts with an adaptive music app that syncs to your biometrics. Energize your exercise with uplifting tunes when you slow down and calming rhythms when you push too hard. Quickly create personalized workouts with time-specific songs, enhancing your fitness journey with music that moves with you. In Stealth

Research Partners

Research Partners

Want to create an application powered by Precision Music™ ?

Want to create an application powered by Precision Music™ ?

Music Health Inc. All rights reserved copyright 2024

Music Health Inc. All rights reserved copyright 2024